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Welcome to the Value Point Analysis (VPA) Stock Forum.  Here, you are a part of a community of investors that use a proprietary financial computer model to determine the intrinsic value of stocks by using fundamental data.  The Value Point Analysis Model allows you to evaluate stocks, post the results to The VPA Forum where the community can view, access and discuss in the The VPA Stock Talk chat room.

What makes The VPA Model special is its ability to enable the user to test and play unlimited financial "scenarios" for any given equity.  Thereby providing the user with an in-depth understanding of how that equity may fundamentally behave in the market place prior to making a purchase.

Get started by clicking onto The VPA Forum icon to view and access all of the latest postings or dive right in and start evaluating your own equities by entering through The VPA Model icon.



Evaluate the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) using the VPA model
Week of DECEMBER 9, 2013 Base Case DJIA Evaluation:  16833.31


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