Value Point Analysis Model

All Input Factors are Hyperlinked to their Definitions

Evaluate and modify WSRN's Company of the Week Base Case Scenario



1 - Enter Stk Name, Sym, and Exchange (30 chars or less) 
2 - Enter the Number of Shares in Millions, Gtr than 0   
3 - Enter the Long Term Debt in Millions of Dollars      
4 - Enter Current Dividend in dollars/sh(xx.xx), annual  
5 - Enter Book Value or Net Worth in dollars/sh          
6 - Enter Projected Earnings in dollars/sh, annual       
7 - Enter Projected Average Growth in Earnings (%)       
8 - Enter Projected Average Growth in Sales (%)          
9 - Enter Current Yield of AAA Bonds(%), Gtr than 0      
This optional entry represents the latest week 
Index of 10 high grade corporate bonds.
Source: Market Laboratory*Bonds Section, Barron's (12/16/02).
10- Enter Projected Change of AAA Bonds(%)               
Optional base case entry. 
11- Enter Current Earnings in dollars/sh, annual amount  
12- Enter Current Price in dollars/sh, Gtr than 0 (12/16)
13- Enter Number of Years the Earnings Growth Rate is    
    Expected to be Sustained.  e.g. 1, 1.5, 2 etc.
This optional entry represents a one year base case.


Warning:  If you do not wish to clear your input values
             use the browser back button when returning 
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