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Some Quick Comments Before Entering the VPA Financial Forum

This forum allows the results of a stock's fundamental evaluation, using the Value Point Analysis (VPA) model, to be posted in a structured environment. The results with the input assumptions are available for all to view, access, and comment about.

By allowing the community to view the evaluated results, access the input assumptions, and comment about them through the VPA Chat Room, before or after an intended stock purchase, the investor can benefit by interesting others in a potentially good investment and from their comments and critique.

The forum can list only those stocks that are evaluated by the VPA model and posted through the VPA site. The posted stocks are presented in a tabular format, where their input assumptions and evaluated results can be accessed by clicking on to the stock's posted VP($/sh) value. Note, that the Posting Date is the date that is assigned by the forum when posting occurs and is not necessarily the date of evaluation.

The contents of the forum will be periodically reviewed for listings that have unintelligible or erroneous names, symbols, or data, and for postings that are outdated.

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