Value Point Analysis Model

Describing the Value Point Analysis Model

The Value Point Analysis (VPA) Model is a stock evaluation tool that allows the "everyday" stock market investor to INDEPENDENTLY analyze stocks, thus not relying solely on the recommendations of others. To evaluate a stock's intrinsic value, the VPA user is required to collect and enter a specified set of fundamental input factors. These factors should be viewed as a check list that requires the user to consider the relationship and interactions that these factors have on each other and the interactive effect that they have on the stock's calculated intrinsic value, it's Value Point.

The Value Point is not intended to be a mindless number that automatically predicts stock prices, but should be viewed as a measure of intrinsic value that reflects the quality of the assumptions associated with the input factors at the time of evaluation. Thus, the VPA user is involved in both an investment-educational and in an investment-evaluation process. The VPA exercise is an EduVestment experience.

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