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Features and Additions

Evaluating the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
The DJIA Index can now be evaluated as an "aggregate" stock using the VPA model.    Optional input values, representing a base case scenario, are presented in the model's input form. The values for a one year Projected Earnings and an annual Projected Earnings Growth rate are derived from the last week earnings figure and earnings estimates given in Barron's * Market Week: Index of P/E & Yields of the DJInd Avg. and the Consensus Operating Earnings Estimate for the Dow Industrials.   These optional values can be changed at anytime by the model user.
Current Base Case DJIA Evaluation

VPA Model Optional Inputs
The VPA model input page now includes several optional values that represent reasonable current and base case values for their respective input factors.  These optional values can be changed at anytime by the model user.

VPA Forum and Stock Talk Chat Room Enhancements
Stocks posted in the VPA Forum can now be viewed alphabetically or by their highest VP/Curr.Pr. ratio.  The Stock Talk chat room has a new discussion group called Model Talk, where the VPA Model user can present their questions and comments concerning their experiences with the model.

Transfer of Retrieved Stock Input Data from Forum to Model
The visitor to the VPA Financial Forum not only has the ability to retrieve and view a posted stock's Input Factors, but now can transfer the Input Factors directly into the VPA Model's data input form. This option, allowing the visitor to evaluate various stock scenarios in a more efficient manner, is exercised from the posted stock's retrieved Database Query Result page.
Reminder: To search the VPA Forum for a particular posted stock entry, use the browser "find" button.


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